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The Barbie Doll is one of the most favourite toy was starting manufacturing in 1959. Here we have collected many Beautiful barbie images and Cute barbie pictures. Therefore, to make children happy here we are sharing the Most Beautiful barbie images Latest Collection. American business person Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Barbie dolls are the most popular kind of toys for children. Playing with these toys improve the creativity of your growing child. Barbie dolls and doll houses give them a chance to understand our social values, relationships and a beautiful glimpse of society. Barbie is known for her perfect looks in her weight, Hair, makeup, clothes and the work too. These also lead young girls to spend hours on their makeup, on their hair with dye and straighteners and curling irons and on clothes to achieve this perfect look. Some of the older and richer women also spend money trying to make this perfect Barbie look including plastic surgery, face lifts and having a professional stylist for every day.

Over the years, the Barbie doll has been introduced in many different colours and tackled a variety of professions. She was introduced as a brunette or blond initially and in 1961 a red haired version of the doll was introduced. The first African American Barbie and Hispanic Barbie dolls were introduced in 1980 and a black friend of Barbie named Christie was introduced in 1969. Barbie gained a friend, the Ken doll in 1961, named after the Handler’s son. More recently, Barbie was joined by a little sister Kelly in 1995 and a disabled friend in a wheelchair, Share a Smile Becky in 1997. She has aspired young girls by taking on many professional roles like a dentist, doctor, firefighter, astronaut and even presidential candidate. Today Barbie is more than just a doll and accessories. She has become a means to help enhance girls’ self-image and confidence and also helps them experiment by personalising their Barbie as they want. Using the Barbie software, girls can program and customise their Barbie as they wish. Additionally, the Barbie line has expanded to include books, clothing Find Article, food and home furnishings.

Barbie Images

There are many kinds and styles of dolls around us, but there is something unique and beautiful when it comes to Barbie dolls. It is still a wonder to think, what is present in these dolls that grab immense dedication from its collectors. Barbie doll collecting and doll dress up is still a favorite activity and children especially enjoy this the most. Kids will love having different types of Barbie dolls in their collection as it is also a means of income along with hobby. The collectors of these unique dolls look into different criteria’s before they make their decision on collecting them.

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